Tired of video poker you should try some options

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Last week, I covered a few variations of Bonus138 video poker that you might want to try once you get tired of Jacks or Better. If it’s such a good game, why are you tired of it? Well, this is just a human character. Sometimes, when we are so trained with something it can get a little tedious.

Another fact is that there is another, more interesting, type, called subjective and non-mathematical meaning. The mathematical meaning can be “volatile.” The volatility of a game tells us how big the disparity is between our highs and lows. Is this game a slow moving train or a huge roller coaster with multiple turns and falls? One is no better than the other. It’s just a matter of what you like.

There is a mathematical calculation that can give a value to the volatility of the game. This includes the probability of each outcome as well as that payout. However, I’ve never found it really helpful to do this calculation for the average person. I prefer to match games with interlude rides to give you a description of what you want.

Games like pai gow or blackjack are essentially slow moving trains I said earlier. Excluding side bets, you are playing a game that can’t pay more than even money (in the case of blackjack, you do pay 3 to 2 on blackjack and multiply/split) and have a lot of incentive (especially pai gow). .

And the better Jacks or Video Poker is less constant than this. While most games will end in a loss or a push, there is a chance to win 800 for 1 with a Royal. You can win 25 for 1 with Quads. As you move through the Bonus games, the volatility increases as the payouts increase for less and less frequent hands. You compensate for this by getting paid a little less in increasingly common hands.

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