The accommodation that made James Woods a slot machine player

Don’t come. Five of them are Oscar nominee James Woods. Woods was nominated for two Oscars, Best Supporting Actor for Oliver Stone’s Savior and Best Supporting Actor for Rob Reiner’s Ghosts of the Mississippi. He has won two Primetime Emmy Awards for his films Promise and My Name Is Bill W.

Two of my favorite shows at Woods are his role in Contact Jody Foster as the skeptical Michael Kitz and of course his role as collector/pimp Lester Diamond in the original Scorsese casino opposite Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. I spent a lot of time at the table with Jimmy. He’s a fun and solid player, but very nice to play with.

Woods attended MIT and is probably the smartest celebrity I’ve ever spent time with. One thing about Woods that makes it difficult to play is his uncanny ability to talk at the table. Woods can talk as you make decisions. I’ve seen it distract players through conversations that lead to terrible play. Meanwhile, making your own choices on the table is always a good way and practice.

One thing that sets James Woods apart from other slots is his passion for telling bad stories. I once walked past Bellagio and he saw me from the middle of the slot machine room and put me down halo69.

After going through a sea of ​​charts and fans wanting his autograph, he went on to share about 30 minutes of bad stories from his last two hours on the table. But listening to James Woods tell a bad hit story is definitely more fun than listening to a friend lose his lunch money. Money means nothing to Jimmy, but victory means everything . . . and he’s a formidable opponent.

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