Take advantage of Poker Cards that give opponents a royal straight line

Does the card give the opponent a real set of Stranges and Rares? Of course. My opponent only had two outs when he took the balls and killed my quad-jack. OMG!

Believe it or not, that is exactly what happened. When you think about it, it’s actually quite likely and quite logical that two players could hold the monster hand at the same time (maybe we’re crazy). I will never forget “believe it or not!” poker hands But I saw, so I thought.

Today, while playing limited Hold’em with our senior poker group at the Freda Mohr Senior Center, Judy met ten. She bet on the latter. When they don’t call him to the river, she blinks her charming smile and holds out her hand for all to see: The council sent dozens of runners and gave him four dozen at the river. Funny – also very rare. As strange as it seems! Needless to say, Judy won the jackpot for getting as many chips as possible during our show. Her eyes widened when she saw the big winner, and her beaming smile lit up the room!

If she thinks about it, she’ll probably remember one or more similar experiences at the poker table. Very rare, sometimes unbelievable. And if you’re a winner, it’s really good. You got lucky! Visit Java 303 Online Game Agent halo69.

As for Robert Ripley, he is an exceptional man who lives an extraordinary life, full of adventure and joy. He has accomplished so much in his life, it’s hard to believe!

Perhaps most of all, he will forever be remembered and respected for inventing one of the most famous and used phrases in English, especially our favorite game of poker: Believe it or not!

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