Players expect to turn equity into weak overcards poker hands

In this curtain match, Victor Simionato lost full position in two-pair position from the small blind from Blaza Zerjava. The match started with Zerjav limping into the match 8-5 after shooting at him. Simionato checked his options with the K-5 offsuit and immediately eliminated the king with the kid. Zerjav created two vulnerable pairs with kings on the board along with his fives and eights.

He bet from the wrong position, probably hoping to turn equity into weak cards with five overcards. Simionato called with his big hand and 8® raised Zerjav to king-eight, putting the second club on the board, allowing two separate flush draws. Zerjav bet again and bet 1.9 million in the pool of 2.9 million.

Since his opponent bet twice, Simionato decided to raise to 6,400,000 with his ship. Zerjav is in a difficult position. He has a combination that looks strong enough to risk a game with a stock denial and possibly extract value from the other five bonus138

However, if your opponent on the turn raises after two bets, Zerjav’s hand may be in a very difficult position against Simionat’s range. Zerjav rang and 6® on the river completed a possible backdoor irrigation. Zerjav checked and Simionato bet 11 million in a pool of 15,600,000.

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