Other players can easily have or catch a partner in poker

When I got home that day, I could not wait to find out what “rule of thumb” meant. Using my computer, I learned that these were “generally accurate recommendations or principles based on experience or practice rather than theory.” If one goes even further, a rule of thumb, according to Wikipedia, is “a widely applied principle that does not claim to be absolutely accurate or reliable for every situation.

“This is a procedure that is easy to learn and apply, so you can roughly calculate or remember some values ​​or make some determinations.” This is certainly suitable for playing Hold’em, which is more than enough in almost any situation.

The week after, before the others arrived, we continued on where we left off. I started by convincing Judy that there really are rules of thumb for playing small to medium sized pocket pairs and that they can be crucial to winning those hands. “This often happens when playing hold’em,” he repeated.

I agreed, and then explained that the pair drops to 8-8; small pair 7-7 at 2-2. Medium-sized pairs are considered “premium draws” and can usually be played at any position; while small pairs only invest best from late positions. Also for small pocket pairs, multi-way pots (three or more opponents defend to see the flop), and no raises (for the highest pot odds), PLAZA4D2 is highly recommended.

Judy wanted to know, “What’s the difference?” I explained that a middle pair could be a winning pair even if it didn’t go on to a set. The little couple almost always needs an update. Other players can easily get or catch top pairs. So you do not want to invest more than one bet before the flop. The odds of hitting a set on the flop are around 8 to 1 – sure, but within reach, giving you a good chance of winning a big slot online pot if you hit a set.

“When it comes to playing center pocket pairs, it depends on each situation and can be a very difficult task,” I commented. We’ll have to talk about that another time.

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