Megan wolverine17 Milburn has won the WSOP buy in poker event

Megan ‘wolverine17’ Milburn’s performance at the event came to an end when her Club ShirtQ Spade outfit outperformed Chun Lin ‘Bingoo’ Mo’s A Heart SuitJ Heart Suit outfit. Mo’s jack-play took the lead on the flop and Milburn failed to regain the lead on the river. He won $18,404 and finished in eighth place.

Shortly after, Moe knocked him out when he called Christopher ‘pokeher2014′ Fuchs all in with A Club Shirt 6 Club Shirt on an A Heart Suit 7 Spades Suit 4 Club Shirt flop. Fuchs had 8 must-harts and 6 must-harts for a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor draw. Spades’ suit with the number 8 in turn gave him some extra points for a trip or two, but River Diamond’s suit closed the pot for Mo. Fuchs finished in seventh place earning $22,381 for his deep run.

Tournament-high Connor ‘666666’ Drinan regularly moved his last 9 A-8 big blinds to confront William ‘SlaweelRyam’ Romijn’s AK. No player improved after five community cards and Drinan was eliminated in sixth place ($29,964).

Romain is also in the next big fight preflop. He climbed to 627,347 for the first time in the game with A Diamond Suit2 Diamond Suit, and Paul “ToTheMoon” Dewald called for his competitive life with 5 Spades 5 Diamond Suit. Roman raised with an ace on the flop and continued to play. Dewald received $40,600 for fifth place.

Despite scoring in the previous two eliminations in the final, Chung Lin ‘Bingoo’ Mo was the next to hit the fence. Seifert wins on the button with 6 of spades and 6 of clubs and Mo calls from the big blind with 5 of hearts. Seifert lost the set and took the lead. Mo pulled a straight board on the first hand, but slipped on the river and took fourth place ($56,599).

Seifert lost most of his stack to Romain in a duel. He only had a few large curtains left. On his final hand, he pressed the button wearing the Club7 Heart Suit Q shirt. Leh called with 8 suits of hearts and 5 suits of diamonds bonus138. The judges did not have A Club ShirtJ Diamond Suit6 Spade Suit4 Diamond Suit7 Spade Suit and Lech defeated Seifert in third place ($77,408).

Lech won over 9.3 million in chips heads-up with Romijn, who had just 6.9 million in chips. At the moment of the final hand, Lech increased his lead to 2:1. Lech pressed the A Heart Suit K Spade Suit button and increased the minimum to 560,000.

Romaine calls and does not bring K Club Shirt10 Diamond Suit 3 Diamond Suit. Roman checked and Lech bet 868,000. Roman brought it all to 4.9m with his pair of defenders, and Lech called the best pair, the best kicker. Round Q Spades Suit and 7 River Heart Suit sealed the bank and title for Lech. The second winner, Roman, received $110,979.

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