Making Money Online – Beginner Notebook 4

Isn’t eBay great! I mean anyone can go out there and sell something, have a look. I’m sure you have magazines or plates or trays or cans of bath salts that Aunt Sue bought last Christmas – don’t you just hate the smell. But you know what someone out there will like and pay you for it.

List any item for 99p or less and nothing on a listing fee to pay, only 10% to eBay if sold. Buyer pays postage. And you know what people sell strips of string and old hamburgers on eBay! The question is will you make any money selling those unwanted gifts? Definite Answer. How good it is depends on you.

Sometimes you really do get gold, just a few days ago a guy bought an old movie on eBay for a few ££. The film is an unknown to comics legend Charlie Chaplin – estimated to be worth tens of thousands. Isn’t that great, an instant treasure without even leaving your door. But even if you just sell unwanted Christmas gifts, you can still make money. And use it to properly fund your online business.

Here are some ideas for eBay sales.



MAGAZINE – old collectors love it

OLD ADVERTISING FROM THEIR MAGAZINE cut the page very carefully people will buy the page by the dollar per page.


BOOK – always interesting and easy market

RELICS FROM GARDEN SHED- just see what happens someone will want it

SHOES AND CLOTHING – vintage clothing is a huge market today

Don’t forget you can determine which buyer to pick up, so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. You may limit your market but this is a good choice if you live in a city where there is a lot of traffic all the time, sorry!

Now there is another hidden way to make money on eBay not just simple selling but I would say a good starting point for beginners is to just learn the ins and outs, start making money on eBay and then broaden your horizons. Remember you can sell anything on eBay literally anything. And make a lot of money online bonus138.

Don’t take my word for it go there now!

The virtual world is a fun place to come back to, so much to do. More notes soon. And this is online wealth for all.

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