Dealing With Cold Four Bets Poker Strategy

I recently had to deal with four cold bets in a demanding $10,000 buy-in tournament. My table is quite aggressive, so when I’m in position, I make a decent 3-bet (raise) and play a very conservative strategy from position.

If you’re playing in a big buy-in event, earn points to get the most out of your position, while being careful not to overdo it if you get out of position.

A hand is created when a free, strong, aggressive opponent moves from the abductor position to 4,000 of 100,000 stacks from 800 to 1,600. I tripled to 11,000 with 9 sticks and 7 button suits, then I lost another strong, aggressive player at 28,000 from the big blind four times. I didn’t have much with that hand and folded quickly.

Later, the same initial button raise increased to 4,000 and I won 12,800 of my 90,000 stack in the small blind with A Club Suits J Club Suits. Calling is also a good play in this situation because if you make four bets you are in a tough spot. This means bonus138 that after betting three times as many times, I’m sure I can win 90,000 against this opponent if he decides to bet four. I know that might sound cowardly to some readers, but that’s our dynamic.

To my surprise, a strong player, very aggressive in the big blind, bet four of 26,000. Given that these four players play all over the world, I think he could have easily noticed that the early players pressed the button too hard and I would fight.

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