Woods attended MIT and is probably the smartest

do not come. Five of them are Oscar candidates James Woods. Woods has been nominated for two Academy Awards: Oliver Stone’s Rescuer’s Best Supporting Actor Award and Rob Reiner’s Mississippi Ghost’s Best Supporting Actor Award. He has won two Primetime Emmy Awards for his films “Promise” and “My name is Bill W”. Two of my favorite shows at Woods are the role of skeptical Michael Kitz at Contact Jody Foster and, of course, the role of collector / pimp Lester Diamond at The Original Scorsese Casino across from Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Is I spent a lot of time with Jimmy at the table. He’s a fun and solid player, but it’s great to play with him. Woods attended MIT and is probably the smartest celebrity I have ever spent with. One thing about Woods that makes it difficult to play is his mysterious ability to speak at the table. Woods can speak while you make a decision. I’ve seen it distract players with conversations that lead to horrifying play. In the meantime, it’s always a good way and practice to make your own decisions at the table slot online

One of the things that sets James Woods apart from other slots is his passion for telling bad stories. I passed Bellagio once, and he looked at me from the middle of the slot room and put me down. After passing through the charts and the sea of ​​fans who wanted his signature, he spent about 30 minutes at the table telling a bad story from his last two hours. But listening to James Woods telling a bad success story is definitely more fun than listening to a friend losing money for lunch. Money doesn’t mean anything to Jimmy, but winning means everything.

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